Diamond Shoes – Surprising Collaboration between Nike and Tiffany

When jewelry and sneakers companies cooperate

The world-famous sportswear brand Nike, which has been on the market since 1971, has surprised many times by collaborating with various brands. Nike joined forces also with the iconic jewellery retailer Tiffany, which has been part of the LVMH conglomerate since January 2022.

The brands announced the news together on social media and immediately provided the first images of the exclusive sneakers and other products that came out of the collaboration. The Tiffany brand has been involved in fashion in the past to expand its field of influence.

Legendary jeweler Tiffany & Co. was bought by LVMH for $15.8 billion in January 2021, and since then Alexandre Arnault, son of billionaire LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault, has revamped the brand to attract a younger generation. The result is the latest involvement of ambassadors such as Jay Z and Beyoncé.

This connection has helped Tiffany increase its value by more than 18 percent and grow faster than ever before. According to Arnault, the collaboration with Nike aims to take Tiffany jewellery into the fashion world, where other LVMH brands such as Louis Vuitton, LOEWE and Rimowa have found success. Today, Tiffany products fill more than 300 other retail outlets around the world, in addition to the iconic 5th Avenue store in New York.

LVMH’s share performance over the last 5 years. PHOTO: Google

Cooperation Details

The Tiffany brand has previously engaged in fashion to expand its reach, launching collaborations with Supreme, Fendi and Patek Philippe, as well as artist Daniel Arsham and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. The new ‘wind in the sails’ has undoubtedly also benefited the shares of parent company LVMH, which rose slightly following the announcement.

Nike x Tiffany & Co. Air Force 1 1837 in black suede with a blue swoosh (Nike’s signature symbol) and a silver element on the heel were launched in March 2023. These sneakers were created as a tribute to the 40th anniversary of the first Nike Air Force 1.

The estimated retail price was estimated to be $400 per pair. It was this fact that didn’t excite sneaker lovers, as well as the minimalist use of the typical Tiffany blue color. Nevertheless, the announced product caused a stir in the fashion world, and the high interest in the result of this collaboration has resulted in the current price of these sneakers, which currently ranges from $2,500 to $4,000.

They Didn’t Just Stick to Sneakers

Along with the sneakers, a silver collection was also released, which includes a decorative shoelace pendant, a whistle, a shoe brush and a shoe rack.

Nike x Tiffany & Co. Silver collection

Jewellery as a Potential Investment for the Future

According to Grand View Research, the entire jewelry industry is projected to grow at 8.5 percent percent and the market size is expected to grow to $518 billion by 2030 (Olivia Lacen, Principal Analyst at Wonderinterest Trading, contributed to the forecasts in this article).

Naturally, Nike wants a piece of that action and, along with Tiffany & Co, has entered the market in a unique way. Nike also said that the Tiffany sneakers are the first ever “legendary pair” of shoes it has produced.

The uniqueness of products maintains their value

At WIC Europe, we mine precious stones and create jewelry from them, the uniqueness of which is that they are always created in only one piece. They are composed only of valuable materials – 18-24 carat gold and gemstones of various colors and qualities, which never lose their value. Invest in a company that creates valuable products that will hold value for centuries.

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