Social responsibility

At WIC Europe, we make sure that our activities have a dimension that goes beyond the confines of a functional business. Our presence in Africa is a chance to prove that success is an opportunity to make the world a better place.

We improve children's lives

We participate in building an orphanage and contribute to ensure that the smallest members of the local community have access to school and medical supplies along with clothing. The future of every society lies in children, and the future of WIC Europe is linked to Tanzania.

We support the local community

Creating jobs is a natural part of our operations in Tanzania. We make sure we provide high-quality standards and safe working conditions together with raising the standard of living of our local employees. We are building a grinding school, making local communication accessible and participating in the development of the agricultural sector.

Our mining is 100% ecologically sustainable

We follow the OECD recommendations on the extraction of mineral resources. We do not use mercury or chemicals to separate gold and gems from excavated soil. We respect the basic physical properties of excavated material and support the development of environmental programs.

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