By investing, for a better future

Gold and gems have been secured by dozens of generations of intelligent investors. Take care of your future with historical certainty.

19 % p.a.

Estimated annual valuation

Choose from our investment products

We have a solution for both beginners as well as larger investors.

Investment from €20,000

Our product for medium and  large investors with an initial deposit starting from €20,000. WIC Diamond is the ideal solution for creating long-term passive and secure income.

Investment from €1,000

Brand new product in  our portfolio for investors with an initial deposit of €1,000 and subsequent monthly investments. Thanks to WIC Gold, you can build your personal wealth gradually and safely.

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Introduction of investing process

Initial contact

You will talk about your investing goals that you want to achieve at the meeting with our sales representative. You will get to know the process of successful investment with WIC Europe, the expected profits and benefits.

Signing of documents and opening an account

After approving of the solution we´ve prepared for you we will process the administrative tasks. Considering your comfort, we can secure their signature electronically.


After signing the documents, your money starts working. Our sales representative is available at any time for consultation and advice regarding your investment.

Development of the investment observation

You receive regular reports from us with the performance of your investment portfolio. We inform you about all changes and opportunities for its further growth.

Investors over € 1 million

We offer individual conditions for investors ready to invest an amount exceeding one million euros into WIC Europe project. We are happy to introduce these to you personally.

Our clients said...

Pavol Hochschorner

"I decided to invest in WIC primarily because of the security of the investment and the offered benefit in the form of a return. In the past, I invested through Mr. Soldán and was satisfied, and that is why I decided to go into this cooperation as well. Precious stones will most likely still hold its popularity and value. That means it's a very good commodity to invest in."

Dušan B.

"I decided to invest in WIC Europe because I believe in the vision of the team members and owner Petr Soldán."

Pavol J.

"Investing in WIC Europe offers an opportunity to invest in jewelry in the entire production phase, i.e. from the mining and processing of the gemstone, through the design and production of the jewelry ready for selling to the customer. I think it is an opportunity that no other company in Slovakia offers. One of the benefits of investing is the potential for an above-standard appreciation of the investment. Another benefit for someone may be the opportunity to learn something about jewelry production. I consider our cooperation being highly positive, there is a great communication towards investors on a regular basis and our meetings take place in a friendly atmosphere."

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