Investing with WIC Global Europe

In the field of gems and gold we control the entire process from mining to the final product. WIC Europe is a safe haven for your finances regardless of the times we are living in.

Profit 19% p.a.

Investing in valuable commodities

Liquidity ensured by repurchase

Investment secured by physical jewelry

How does investing in WIC Global Europe work?

WIC Global Europe mines gold and gems in its own mines in Tanzania. We process mined precious stones and create designer gems with its own brand.

Finally, we sels luxury jewelry in its own chain of jewelry stores under the Soloom brand, which generates income for the company.

Investors' investments are secured by high-value physical jewelry.

By investing, you become a shareholder (co-owner of WIC Global Europe) with a direct share in the company's annual return, which is an average of 19% p.a..

How did we come about?

WIC Global Europe is the result of utilizing two decades of experience in business and investment. This time gave us the opportunity to identify weaknesses in existing solutions and introduce an investment product to the market in which investors are not just “donors”, but real partners and companions on the path to wealth.

Since 2013

P. Soldan

"We combine gold, gems and art into one product that has timeless value."

Profit up to 19% per year

Introduction of WIC Europe

We are a company with direct participation in gold and gemstone mining in Tanzania. We obtain gems from three mining sites, from the mines Lady Rose, Lady Blue, Msinji No. 8.

We trade extracted raw materials on the lucrative and dynamically developing markets of India and China.

Only the ones in top quality are exported to Europe, where we create a luxury and unique jewelry, which you can find in our own Soloom showrooms. Thanks to this, we control the entire process, from mining to the final product.

This sophisticated process chain allows us to continuously grow and achieve above-average returns. An integral part of the whole process are our investors, who become full co-owners of the company with all the respective rights.

Despite our hard work since 2013 we know, we are still at the beginning in terms of potential. Tanzania offers unimaginable opportunities in the field of mining, and the gold and precious stones market itself has been a part of our civilization for millennia. That’s why at WIC Global Europe we say that when you invest with us, you invest for eternity.

Introduction of investing process

Initial contact

At the meeting with the trader, you will go over the possibilities and functioning of investing with WIC Global Europe, the expected returns and benefits.


You invest in WIC Global Europe and become its legal co-owner. WIC Global Europe mines, processes and sells gold and precious stones, and you are now part of it.


The total annual income of the company is presented at the general meeting of all co-owners of the company (including you) and distributed among all investors in proportion to the investment.


By 2025, our company will enter the stock exchange and the shares will become tradable on the stock exchange. Investors will thus be able to sell their investment directly on the stock exchange in 2025.

An investment decision is a matter of trust.

Choose from our investment products

We have a solution for both beginners as well as larger investors.

Investment from €20,000

Our product for medium and  large investors with an initial deposit starting from €20,000. WIC Diamond is the ideal solution for creating long-term passive and secure income.

Investment from €1,000

Brand new product in our portfolio for investors with an initial deposit of €1,000 and subsequent monthly investments. Thanks to WIC Gold, you can build your personal wealth gradually and safely.

Limited collector's gold medal created from 24 carat gold and enriched with 1 carat tanzanite. The issue of medals is limited to 100 pieces.

Can't decide?

Why to invest?

Quality of life

Long-term passive income means freedom. When you have it you are able to rise above the daily limitations of a life based on a single income. Create your freedom with us and get the ultimate value - free time.

Future of your children

Every parent wants to give their child a quality education, the opportunity to develop their talent, or a good start to their independent life. By investing long-term with WIC Europe you will unlock these possibilities and not only that. You will positively impact the future of your child.

Stability and security

History teaches us that it repeats itself. In the past, many social changes took place that deprived people of savings and financial stability. Gold and gems have weathered all these changes and continued to grow in value. Invest with us and you will invest safely.

Our clients said...

Pavol Hochschorner

"I decided to invest in WIC primarily because of the security of the investment and the offered benefit in the form of a return. In the past, I invested through Mr. Soldán and was satisfied, and that is why I decided to go into this cooperation as well. Precious stones will most likely still hold its popularity and value. That means it's a very good commodity to invest in."

Peter Cmorik

"Time is fast and I prefer security and stability, and that's what jewelry and precious metals are. The evidence of this is centuries old. I invested money in various places and it happened that I lost that money. When I analyzed it in retrospect, so I realized that it's important to choose well. Investing in gems and gold seems stable to me, so it's an obvious choice for me."

Dušan B.

"I decided to invest in WIC Europe because I believe in the vision of the team members and owner Petr Soldán."

Pavol J.

"Investing in WIC GlobalEurope offers the opportunity to invest in jewelry in the entire production phase, i.e. from the mining and processing of the gemstone, through the design and production of the jewelry to its sale to the customer. I think this is an opportunity that no other company in Slovakia offers. One of the one of the benefits of investing is the potential for an above-standard appreciation of the investment. Another benefit for someone may be the opportunity to learn something about jewelry production. I rate the cooperation highly positively, communication takes place from the company's side on a regular basis, meetings take place in a friendly atmosphere."

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