Safe investing with WIC

Current news is full of information about the collapse of more and more banks. Therefore, investors are intensively searching for safe investment opportunities.

If we talk about safe investments, one of the main evaluation criteria is the historical development of assets in crisis periods. From this point of view, gold is repeatedly shown to be the best choice. However, gold is only one component of safe assets.

Investing in unique jewelry made of gold and precious stones

More solvent investors commonly use works of art, gems, antiques for safe investing. Our company has combined three of these “commodities” into one product, which is a unique piece of gold and gemstone jewelry made as a work of art.

Gold price development


At WIC, you earn at every step of the process

The British company WIC Global Europe has decided to cover the entire process of creating unique jewelry with its activities. From gold and gems mining, such as rubies and sapphires, through the grinding of gems, own designs of jewelry and their realization associated with the personalization of jewelry for a specific customer.

For investors who are looking for a safe form of investment, it brings a unique opportunity. But it´s not only about safety, it´s also about uniqueness and excellence.

Mona Lisa (Leonardo Da Vinci) price evolution

Source: Arthashastra, Y-axis prices in millions of USD

More accessible even for small investors

In the past this form of investment was only suitable for creditworthy investors. However, we wanted to offer this option to everyone. That’s why we have decided to make the investment market accessible also for smaller investors and allow them to buy shares in our company.

An indisputable advantage for smaller investors is that shares are more liquid than jewelry itself. This is important mainly because people with smaller financial reserves can more easily get into financial problems in adverse life situations.

Development of the price of rubies

Source: The Ruby Toolbox

The investor can choose which investment option suits him the best

We give every investor the choice of whether he wants to invest in personalized jewelry or in shares. With the jewelry, the owner can attend various social events, but the jewelry does not generate ongoing profit. In contrast, an investor who invests into shares will probably hardly go anywhere to social events, but shares generate ongoing profits. Both of these investments have a common denominator and that is security, but the other criteria are different and therefore investors can choose which type of investment they prefer.

In times of uncertainty, an increase in the price of gold is a completely normal phenomenon, and this benefits our investors, regardless of whether they buy gold, gold jewelry with gems, or shares of a company that trades with these commodities.

Members of our sales team will be happy to provide you with more detailed information about investment options.

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